My Career Search

I would say that my career search has begun. I am two months into my senior year of college and I have already starting looking for a job. The only problem is where to look for that perfect job.

I am also struggling with the words “perfect job.” What is it and where will I find it? Will I work at an agency like the two I have interned with or will I make a change? I think I am going to go after the radical change for now. I am not necessarily going after it as in applying for jobs but I am spending more time researching what I think will be the perfect job for me. I am looking at all different companies from Red Bull, Subaru to agencies that represent automotive companies. I am spending so much time in the research phase because I think it is a crucial part in my job search.

I am not ready to move across the country for something I do not know all about or feel fully committed too. I am not the type of person to accept a job offer only to leave in two years. I truly want to find a place where I will be at for years to come.

This may sound like a lot or that I don’t realize I may not get my “perfect job” after graduation but I am okay with this. I want to go after my passion now and see what happens. This is honestly the only time in my life where I can start from the bottom and find my ultimate job.

I promise to keep you updated on all things careers. This is only the beginning and who knows when I will find what I am looking for. But I am excited for the process and excited to see what my life will be like next year!



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