The Effect National Conference had on my Career Path

I am about to get started writing the rest of my blogs from the PRSSA National Conference but I first wanted to tell you my overview of my five days in D.C.

I had such a great time learning and developing all of my public relations skills. I never would have guessed that I would have learned so much about the industry and myself in a few days. I went to the conference thinking that my focus would be narrowed. If anything, conference did just the opposite.

National conference opened my eyes to all of the different areas of PR that I can see myself doing. It showed me that I have dabbled in all of these areas and could love each career path in an equal and different way.

I would love to do sports PR because racing has always been a love of mine. I think it would drive me and push me to do something completely different but I know doing PR in the racing industry would be amazing.

I also realized at the conference that I would love to do non-profit PR. I have already been doing a lot of non-profit by working with UNC Build A Block.

They are a great organization and are really striving the make a difference. I can really see myself working with an organization like that every day.

And finally, the LAST PR field I am interested in is politics. My love for politics goes way back. It is one thing that my Dad and I really relate on and I love it. The problem is that I love racing and non-profit just as much.

How am I going to narrow my focus before graduation?

Even though National Conference opened my eyes to many different career paths I know that it got me thinking about what I want to do. It showed me that I am really going to have to spend some time looking at myself to see where I would be the best fit.

I promise to keep you updated on where I see myself after graduation. Don’t look for any updates any time soon!


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