How my Stressful Week turned into Something Positive

So I promised on my Twitter a couple of days ago that I would explain how my bad week turned into something positive. I must first address everything that went wrong all at once to explain how I moved on from a bad week to a great week.

The week started off normal. I knew it was going to be a stressful week but since when have I had a week that wasn’t stressful? All in one week I had several things go wrong. My car broke down, my car couldn’t get towed, my schedule basically tripled with meetings, I had abnormal test results come back from a doctor, my finances reached an all-time low and I had a test that I needed to study for and needed to practically ace. Finally adding to all of these issues I had the worst cold imaginable. The cold knocked me out on my feet and I slept as much as I could.

In no way am I complaining. I am just explaining the amount of pressure that I was under last week. I was sick and I realized I couldn’t handle it. I had a breakdown. I had to force myself to do something that I NEVER have time to do. I had to force myself to take a break. For the past couple of weeks I have said that I didn’t have time for a break but last week, my body demanded a break.

I relaxed over the weekend and I can happily say that I lived through a really difficult week. I learned some important lessons that I can hopefully carry with me throughout the rest of my semester.

1. Breaks are Mandatory- My mind needed a break. College students (or anyone for that matter) cannot expect to run at 100 mph and not have to stop at anytime. For some reason I just assumed that the stop for me would come after graduation. So my advice, break often and break well. A break is not reading a paper for a homework assignment. A break means detaching yourself from all things stressful. It may be hard but you should try it!

2. Set Your Priorities and Continue to Reset them- During my sick/stressful week I also learned that I need to rank everything I do on a daily basis and get it done according to priority. Last week I had to really evaluate everything I was doing and then decide what exactly I could do while sick. I think it is also important to continually set your priorities. They may change weekly but it is crucial to evaluate everything going on in your life.

So I only have two pieces of advice but I think they are important. Don’t underestimate your body and know that it can take you out at anytime. Last week was miserable but everything I learned has made this week better. I have even nailed down my last internship of my college career! I am so excited about that. I am also going to stay positive about my stress levels and try to get them in balance.


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