I Enjoy Public Relations Because I Am a People Person.

I have had something on my mind a lot lately and I thought this would be the best place to share it. I have a really big gripe with people who complain about others saying they love PR because of they are a “people person.”

I fell in love with public relations because of my first love-people. When I first came to UNC and majored in PR, I had a lot to learn. I did not know everything when I started and I still don’t. But my love of people brought me to where I am today.

I love so much about the people around me and the people I have yet to meet. I love how individuals can be so different, yet so similar. I love meeting caring people and I love learning from intelligent people.

How my love of people and public relations combine is this, I love to research and dive into why people do certain things. At first this curiosity led me to like criminal investigations, but then it changed to PR. (Drastic change, I know. I really couldn’t handle the blood and just inhumanity of it all.)

Now this love for research has sent me in the direction of social media. Online networking is challenging. You have to really know your audience for any social media to work. I love this challenge. At my internship this semester I have been working on Twitter to relate to web programmers. At a previous internship I worked with Mommy bloggers. (My personal favorite.) I love having a challenging audience and trying to find different ways to communicate.

I love people. I know I will never stop. But I hope people stop complaining and start asking the question, how exactly are you a people person and how does this relate to the job you want to do?

I think this will help all employers and employees in the future. If you don’t know why you are a people person, find out!

PS- Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. I feel so free!

Also a link to another blogger who had a similar gripe.


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