I Enjoy Public Relations Because I Am a People Person.

I have had something on my mind a lot lately and I thought this would be the best place to share it. I have a really big gripe with people who complain about others saying they love PR because of they are a “people person.”

I fell in love with public relations because of my first love-people. When I first came to UNC and majored in PR, I had a lot to learn. I did not know everything when I started and I still don’t. But my love of people brought me to where I am today.

I love so much about the people around me and the people I have yet to meet. I love how individuals can be so different, yet so similar. I love meeting caring people and I love learning from intelligent people.

How my love of people and public relations combine is this, I love to research and dive into why people do certain things. At first this curiosity led me to like criminal investigations, but then it changed to PR. (Drastic change, I know. I really couldn’t handle the blood and just inhumanity of it all.)

Now this love for research has sent me in the direction of social media. Online networking is challenging. You have to really know your audience for any social media to work. I love this challenge. At my internship this semester I have been working on Twitter to relate to web programmers. At a previous internship I worked with Mommy bloggers. (My personal favorite.) I love having a challenging audience and trying to find different ways to communicate.

I love people. I know I will never stop. But I hope people stop complaining and start asking the question, how exactly are you a people person and how does this relate to the job you want to do?

I think this will help all employers and employees in the future. If you don’t know why you are a people person, find out!

PS- Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. I feel so free!

Also a link to another blogger who had a similar gripe.


Should You Post About Your Boss on Facebook?

This is another blog that I wrote for Koroberi, Inc. but I thought I would share it with you all.

We recently saw an article first posted by NPR on how the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint after an Ambulance Service fired a worker for complaining about her boss on Facebook.
This story really intrigued me. I work in social media everyday. Our entire office spends time working on Twitter and Facebook so what exactly did this woman say and why did she say it?

As a social media intern, I know the rules. I know the standards that people like to see and I know the professionalism that is usually expected on Facebook and Twitter. I literally cringe when I see my peers posting drunken pictures of themselves all over the Internet. I know these things are wrong but some people don’t.

I also think this story will get misinterpreted into the woman being mistreated by her boss. The point of this story is to NOT do what this woman did because eventually the trash talking will get back to someone (including your boss.)


I think of my Internet postings this way- do not post anything you wouldn’t want your Mom or Dad to see. This woman who talked inappropriately about her supervisor should have included her boss into that mix.

Our Internet privacy is declining by the day. When you say something on the Internet, know that there are a lot of other people who will see it. I think this woman should be disciplined in some way for her inappropriate behavior online.

Some companies have already set policies in place. Coca Cola recently launched a social media policy. Some of their rules include, be mindful that you are representing the company and when in doubt, do not post. I think Coca Cola gave out some great guidelines to their employees and other corporations will soon be following their example.


The pending lawsuit with the National Labor Relations Board will set a precedent for the future. It doesn’t matter anymore just what your mother would deem appropriate. The Labor Relations Board will stick up for you no matter how vulgar you are about your boss online IF your coworkers agree with you. According to the New York Times article workers rights to collaborate are extended to Facebook.

“Employees talking jointly about working conditions, in this case about their supervisor,” have a “right to do that, whether it takes place on Facebook or at the water cooler,” said the board’s attorney. The National Labor Relations Act gives workers the right to unionize and to discuss working conditions. This changes everything in the workplace and allows people to rethink some standards.

The National Labor Board is now saying that you can go home and talk with your co-workers about your horrible boss. Is this good for the future of the workplace? Does this encourage people to do what we always thought was taboo?

Social media is intertwined into everything we do now. I have even seen some job postings that ask for your Twitter handle. Future employers Google EVERYONE and your future job could be on the line if they see something they don’t like. Google yourself and make sure what everyone else is seeing is what you want them to see. This woman’s story is not the first, and definitely not the last story on someone getting fired because of something his or her boss saw on the Internet. Just because the Labor Board is saying it is okay to talk with co-workers about your boss, doesn’t mean it is appropriate.

My view on NPR and the firing of Juan Williams

I posted this blog on my internships website but I thought I would share it with you all as well. Let me know what you think!

The firing of NPR’s Juan Williams has been all over the news. As a senior journalism student I realize that situations like these have an impact on how I deal with different journalists everyday. This story has been a hot topic for discussion in almost all of my journalism classes. Everyone has varying opinions on the subject and has voiced them loud and clear.


News sources are saying that NPR was right to fire him and others are saying he was mistreated. The story has stirred up even more discussion because NPR is typically linked to more liberal journalism and Fox News is look at as a conservative news organization. How was he able to work at both places and not upset the other one?


When we started digging into the story, we found more information than we expected.  Williams had been working for both Fox News and NPR since 1999. They had a mutual relationship for more than a decade. After Williams made some “offensive” comments NPR decided they could no longer continue their relationship.


What is incredible is that these vastly different news sources had a similar news analyst for so long without many problems. That is not to say that Williams shied away from contentious remarks. In 2009, he made some comments about Michelle Obama that many took to be offensive.


Williams worked as a news analyst at both NPR and Fox News. By definition, a news analyst is a commentator. They must comment on facts, but does that mean these comments must be factual? Our question is, how does he truthfully express his opinion on different news stories without the fear of offending one of his employers?


Juan Williams had to be careful about what he said, when he said it and where he said it. Honestly, we’re surprised that he was able to last as long as he did. It also makes us wonder what he wishes he could have said had he not been hired by two different companies.


We also wonder how news analysts (aka, commentators) will ever voice their own, presumably insightful, opinions if their views must also reflect the political stance of an employer or, in Williams’ case, employers. Are they ever saying exactly what they want or are they holding back?


The Koroberi team includes several journalists. We interact with them on a daily basis.  This story makes us wonder about this “Analysis” style of reporting – when are we hearing their opinion and when are we hearing facts? Should there be a clearer demarcation line on which is which? Are we being misled and don’t even know it?


We also want journalists to be true to themselves. We might not agree with what Williams’ said, but he was only doing his job- to give his opinions, not NPR’s.

We want the truth. We also want to know who we are getting the truth from and why. The public wants to know that the opinions are from the journalists and not the big media machines. Hopefully Juan Williams will have a successful time at Fox News and he will finally be able to express his opinion without walking a political tightrope about whose bias he has to support in the meantime.



How my Stressful Week turned into Something Positive

So I promised on my Twitter a couple of days ago that I would explain how my bad week turned into something positive. I must first address everything that went wrong all at once to explain how I moved on from a bad week to a great week.

The week started off normal. I knew it was going to be a stressful week but since when have I had a week that wasn’t stressful? All in one week I had several things go wrong. My car broke down, my car couldn’t get towed, my schedule basically tripled with meetings, I had abnormal test results come back from a doctor, my finances reached an all-time low and I had a test that I needed to study for and needed to practically ace. Finally adding to all of these issues I had the worst cold imaginable. The cold knocked me out on my feet and I slept as much as I could.

In no way am I complaining. I am just explaining the amount of pressure that I was under last week. I was sick and I realized I couldn’t handle it. I had a breakdown. I had to force myself to do something that I NEVER have time to do. I had to force myself to take a break. For the past couple of weeks I have said that I didn’t have time for a break but last week, my body demanded a break.

I relaxed over the weekend and I can happily say that I lived through a really difficult week. I learned some important lessons that I can hopefully carry with me throughout the rest of my semester.

1. Breaks are Mandatory- My mind needed a break. College students (or anyone for that matter) cannot expect to run at 100 mph and not have to stop at anytime. For some reason I just assumed that the stop for me would come after graduation. So my advice, break often and break well. A break is not reading a paper for a homework assignment. A break means detaching yourself from all things stressful. It may be hard but you should try it!

2. Set Your Priorities and Continue to Reset them- During my sick/stressful week I also learned that I need to rank everything I do on a daily basis and get it done according to priority. Last week I had to really evaluate everything I was doing and then decide what exactly I could do while sick. I think it is also important to continually set your priorities. They may change weekly but it is crucial to evaluate everything going on in your life.

So I only have two pieces of advice but I think they are important. Don’t underestimate your body and know that it can take you out at anytime. Last week was miserable but everything I learned has made this week better. I have even nailed down my last internship of my college career! I am so excited about that. I am also going to stay positive about my stress levels and try to get them in balance.

The Effect National Conference had on my Career Path

I am about to get started writing the rest of my blogs from the PRSSA National Conference but I first wanted to tell you my overview of my five days in D.C.

I had such a great time learning and developing all of my public relations skills. I never would have guessed that I would have learned so much about the industry and myself in a few days. I went to the conference thinking that my focus would be narrowed. If anything, conference did just the opposite.

National conference opened my eyes to all of the different areas of PR that I can see myself doing. It showed me that I have dabbled in all of these areas and could love each career path in an equal and different way.

I would love to do sports PR because racing has always been a love of mine. I think it would drive me and push me to do something completely different but I know doing PR in the racing industry would be amazing.

I also realized at the conference that I would love to do non-profit PR. I have already been doing a lot of non-profit by working with UNC Build A Block.

They are a great organization and are really striving the make a difference. I can really see myself working with an organization like that every day.

And finally, the LAST PR field I am interested in is politics. My love for politics goes way back. It is one thing that my Dad and I really relate on and I love it. The problem is that I love racing and non-profit just as much.

How am I going to narrow my focus before graduation?

Even though National Conference opened my eyes to many different career paths I know that it got me thinking about what I want to do. It showed me that I am really going to have to spend some time looking at myself to see where I would be the best fit.

I promise to keep you updated on where I see myself after graduation. Don’t look for any updates any time soon!

PRSSA National Conference in Washington, D.C.

Amy and I arrived in Maryland around 5:00 today. I am so excited to be going to D.C. this weekend and experiencing everything that the PRSSA conference has to offer.


I promise to blog about things I learn and information that I find to be exciting. I am going to different sessions based on social media, crisis communication, building your brand and a session on creating a career in sports. I think I am most excited about the sports one and I am interested to see if I can relate it to racing.


I will let you all know what I learn! I will probably also be blogging from the Carolina PRSSA site. I am so excited to make it into the city tomorrow. I hope we have some free time to visit some monuments. I have heard we might even go to the zoo.


Have a great weekend!


My Career Search

I would say that my career search has begun. I am two months into my senior year of college and I have already starting looking for a job. The only problem is where to look for that perfect job.

I am also struggling with the words “perfect job.” What is it and where will I find it? Will I work at an agency like the two I have interned with or will I make a change? I think I am going to go after the radical change for now. I am not necessarily going after it as in applying for jobs but I am spending more time researching what I think will be the perfect job for me. I am looking at all different companies from Red Bull, Subaru to agencies that represent automotive companies. I am spending so much time in the research phase because I think it is a crucial part in my job search.

I am not ready to move across the country for something I do not know all about or feel fully committed too. I am not the type of person to accept a job offer only to leave in two years. I truly want to find a place where I will be at for years to come.

This may sound like a lot or that I don’t realize I may not get my “perfect job” after graduation but I am okay with this. I want to go after my passion now and see what happens. This is honestly the only time in my life where I can start from the bottom and find my ultimate job.

I promise to keep you updated on all things careers. This is only the beginning and who knows when I will find what I am looking for. But I am excited for the process and excited to see what my life will be like next year!