My Story

I was born and raised in Wilmington, N.C. I spent four years of high school not knowing where I was going or what I wanted to do. Little did I know that my major would soon fall into my lap.

I have always been a people person but I did not expect to find a major where I would interact and be around people all day. I love relating to people and finding out more about them and that is why I first chose to be a public relations major.

After spending four years developing, learning and growing from my public relations major I feel more than prepared to enter the work force. When I first entered college I could never have imagined what it would be like to be almost finished. I am excited and nervous for the future. I cannot wait to see what will come!

My biggest hobby would be my interest in racing my Subaru. I have been racing with the Sports Car Club of America for over five years and I have loved every minute of it. My entire family owns at least one Subaru. My little brother has had almost four.

Racing has been a great distraction from the stress of school and a day with my racing friends makes everything better. I would love to someday combine my love of racing with my public relations career. Suggestions are welcome.

You also must meet my puppy Suby Rue. He is amazing and his name fits him perfectly.

I enjoy reading books on my Kindle and learning new things about politics. My mind is always working and a day spent learning is better than any other kind.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy!


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